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bold journey to change the future of transportation in the U.S. 
NPR Midday Matters
Rail Magazine 
Article April 2013 edition p.46
Clean Technica 
Review of the film by Sustainablog
Mass Transit Magazine Review by: 
Christian Wolmar
"A delightful film." Christian Wolmar 
   (running for mayor        of London 2016!)
Look! Zoe Jarman (from The Mindy Project) is Trainsforming America!
"An engaging, informative and visually stunning first-person perspective on the ease of train travel in Europe versus the hassle and rising cost of flying and driving in the US. An eye-catching advocacy piece by a young filmmaker, geared towards the Millennial generation." -NARP (National Association of Railroad Passengers)
Millennials say the key advantages of public transportation are the ability to pay-per-use (58 percent), protecting the environment (50 percent), the ability to socialize online (44 percent), and creating community (44 percent). APTA 
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We Are Trainsforming America! From FL! 
Film Trailer:
Loretta Sanchez D-CA
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi D-CA
NYU Polytechnic 
Professor Richard Wener 
America 2050 and Amtrak's Petra Messick
Congressman Bob Clement D-TN
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New Review by FAST TRAINS authors: Emy Louie and Nancy Bolts
Published: Oct. 31, 2013
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